Hello Bastards LP 2014 (Full Album)

by Hello Bastards

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We are a collective from Argentina, Brazil and Poland who have been living in London for many years. This band was started to give voice to our views and beliefs, and to encourage punk music to become a political threat again.


released June 20, 2014


all rights reserved



Hello Bastards UK

We are a collective from around the world who have been living in London for many years. This band was started to give voice to our views and beliefs, and to encourage punk music to become a political threat again.
Punk nowadays means nothing. It has been dilapidated and absorbed by the system, the threat that was the essence of punk music has evaporated.
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Track Name: We, The Plague
We, the Plague

When will we stop?
Only after all it’s doomed?
We are at the point of no return
The present is already decaying
There is no future at all
World burns to death
We are the plague, the virus
Slowly killing everything around us
We are the plague, the virus
Slowly killing everything around us
We are the only ones to blame for this
We are the catalysts of devastation
Track Name: If Not You, Who?; If Not Now, When?
If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

The suffering of animals is unnecessary
Pointless experimentations their fur removed
Slaughterhouses environmental pollution
They are treated as commodities
But they are not our property
There is no need to kill them
The rotten industry of death
Supports the animal genocide
The abuse and exploitation must stop
Total Liberation by any means!
If not you, who? If not now, when?
Track Name: The Other Wal
The Other Wall

Oppression doesn’t come just from one side
A wall at both ends
Isolated by political and economic reasons
Gaza lays sieged Palestine keeps being systematically ignored
By the opportunism of Egypt and the rest
They are turning their backs
to the pleas for dignity
It’s the malicious Man inhumanity to Man!
Oppression doesn’t come just from one side
A wall at both ends
Track Name: Sin Fronteras
Sin Fronteras

Living in constant fear
No one should be illegal
Total abolition of immigration controls
And inhuman deportations Sin Fronteras!
Track Name: Rain of Ashes
Rain of Ashes

They told us; it won’t happen never again
They told us; they assured that we are safe
Just another time, big mouth filled with lies
Short sight, greed and pride
Another big lie All have to pay
Nuclear death Another big lie
All what remains it’s a rain of ashes
Track Name: Creating Consent
Creating Consent

Distracted and frightened directed elsewhere
Media manipulation used to control our mind
Engineer consent manufacture approval
Lie in your face weapons of mass distraction
Total subordination to a brainless dictatorship
Making people ignorant has become an art
Destroy the shackles No more control
Nicaragua Salvador Vietnam Iraq
Anarchism Communism Idealism Freedom
Our mouths tied up a disguise blinding our eyes
Lie in your face weapons of mass distraction
Total subordination to a brainless dictatorship
Making people ignorant an art to summon us into the dark
Track Name: They Shall Not Pass
They Shall Not Pass

Voice our beliefs
Oppose Fascism
Voice Discontent
Shout and fight them all
This is the time to rewrite history
This is the time to recreate reality
Our Liberty above All
No More Slaves, No More
No repression will stop our march
No intolerance, Smash the fash
No repression will stop our march!
No intolerance, Smash the fash!
No pasaran! No pasaran!
Track Name: The Constant Obliteration of Our Hopes
The Constant Obliteration of our Hopes

Unleash the war a daily battle against the imposed
The well-oiled machinery to oppress and suppress
A restless force upon us
Endless lies
False ideas
Rigid Control
A fight to liberate us from this social slavery
Is this emancipation through domination?
A raging repression looming over us
Track Name: No Utopias
No Utopias

The revolution has not been defeated
Their legacy remains vital to this day
There are no utopias
The F.A.I. and C.N.T. creating barricades of ideals
The Durruti Column that leads the march
To eliminate all institutions of state power
And illuminate our path a constant inspiration
Learning from the past to fight the present
There are no utopias
Track Name: Play Fast or Don't
Play Fast or Don’t

Play Fast or Don’t!
Track Name: Happy Under the Sun
Happy Under the Sun...

Forced to sleep with our eyes open, to admire the dilapidation
of humanity, our poverty shall no longer feed the master…
The system vomits people in self-imposed slavery
Our future is ruined in this life on rent
Living is so easy Oh fucking yeah!
Development is a voyage of endless shipwrecks
The horizon is black and there is no emergency exit
Living is so easy Oh fucking yeah!
Fight poverty, kill a beggar
Track Name: Environmental Holocaust
Environmental Holocaust

Decimating all natural resources
The pillage of this planet
We are facing an environmental holocaust
We are facing an environmental holocaust
Wiping out forests, contaminating the whole earth
There is no end for our brainless greed
Track Name: Dismantled Mentality
Dismantled Mentality

Force feed idiocy, a mental clampdown
Intellectual suicide
Crushed by the hordes of ignorance
Anaesthetised masses
Where do you think this will end?
In this empire of media absurdity!
Stare at the bonfire of knowledge
Welcome to the cemetery of plastic minds
Our culture is pointless like throwing
A life vest into the sea of madness!
Track Name: We Will Enjoy its Collapse
We Will Enjoy its Collapse

When death is certain but life is not
There is no room to resign to the struggle
Progress spreads like the Black Death
Crushing everything but there is still hope
Stare at the ruins
This rotten civilization
Set it on fire Let’s burn it all
We will enjoy its collapse
Track Name: A Lie has Speed, But Truth Has Endurance
A Lie Has Speed, but Truth Has Endurance

A lie has speed, but truth has endurance
Track Name: Stopping The Motor of the Modern World
Stopping the Motor of the Modern World

Monday to Friday slowly drowning into the poison of servitude
To try to climb up into the ladder of the putrefactive rat race
We are still the main link in the perpetual chain of enslavement
Staring at the development of a few and the decline of the majority
Destroy to build Blow up the commoditisation of our lives
Destroy to build Revolution is no evening stroll
Injustice is just an expression of the cruel harmony of the world
That feeds the inhuman murder by poverty
We were all born with a voice
But the legion of parasites will try to extinguish it
As soon as you open your eyes for the first time
It doesn’t matter where you live, It doesn’t matter who you are,
We all belong to the same race of the oppressed
The endless chain of dependency
Has been endlessly extended
This is the right time to storm back our lives
It’s worthwhile to die for ideals
Without which it’s not worthwhile to live
Truth will set you free but not until it is finished with you
Track Name: Su Liberacion Esta en Nuestras Acciones
Su Liberación esta en Nuestras Acciones

No prisons will ever stop their cry
No prisons will ever stop our actions
Locked away for taking direct action
to put an end to their suffering
Track Name: Unspoken Genocides
Unspoken Genocides

Armenia, Cambodia Rwanda, Capitalism
I don’t believe in humanity no more
I don’t believe in a peaceful change
Religion, race, greed
A putrid cocktail
Our endless thirst for blood and dead flesh will never stop...
No war between people
No peace between classes
Track Name: Disarm

War means profit and companies are making a killing out of it
It’s the ruthless violence that preserves their rotting laws
Disarm Right Now
The military is the menacing arm of the governments
Patriotism and nationalistic ideals must be destroyed
Antimilitarism and disarm right now!
Track Name: Raise Your Voice
Raise Your Voice

People is dying, the bloodshed continues
Killing bullets is their only speech
Sooner or later, all the tyrants have fallen
Dictatorships will crumble
The pursuit of dignity and liberty is stronger
Than the iron fist of oppression
Eradication of their freedom
Raise your voice against this now
Fight for your freedom, Stop killing your future
Humanity destroyed by ego and greed
Destruction, uprising and revolution now!

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